Friday, December 01, 2006

A Bitter Taste for Hibs Fans

Kevin Thomson and Scott Brown.

It’s getting a bit boring, this saga they’ve engineered.

They’re young men and they feel they should get paid what they’re entitled too. Fair enough.

They’ve drafted in Willie McKay as their agent, no doubt impressed by tales of his life in Monaco and his incredible story of how he made Jean Alain Boumsong a millionaire.

But the players were happy enough with the contract extensions they signed only recently. And that should put Hibs in a position of strength.

Except player power is becoming an unstoppable force and it looks unlikely that this will end happily for Hibs fans.

McKay has already stated that Hibs have proved they are “selling club.” Aside from the fact that all clubs, except maybe Chelsea, are now selling clubs, McKay seems to have been going out of his way to antagonise Hibs.

He may be doing right for his clients but the media campaign that the Glasgow tabloids have allowed him to orchestrate has done the public profile of agents few favours.

Brown and Thomson would have been better shutting up and living up to their potential at Hibs this season. The summer would have been a far better time for these discussions.

Instead they’ve made themselves look like mercenaries dabbling in the ugly side of football.

It seems like being a footballer no longer suffices. Players now want to be painted in the media as spoilt and manipulative as well.

If Thomson and Brown do go they will leave Hibs, like so many others, with nothing but ill will. Many Hibs fans will actually want to see these two favoured sons fail.

They’ll have nobody to blame but themselves.

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