Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Torquay to Shun Divers

Congratulations to Torquay United’s chairman Chris Roberts for having the guts to threaten to sack any players at the club caught diving or feigning injury.

The club will give offenders three chances before either sacking the players or placing them on the transfer list.

I can’t see it catching on in Scotland – or anywhere else – but if more club chairman start bringing in initiatives like this then the authorities may well begin looking at harsher punishments for players.

Roberts himself is waiting for other clubs to join his initiative.

I do have a doubt about this scheme though. Torquay are in the lower reaches of Football League Two at the moment.

If their survival was at stake on the last day of the season and their centre forward took a tumble to earn a last minute penalty to keep them in the league would Mr Roberts punish him?

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  1. Wow. Yeah, my heart says that's a brilliant and much needed attempt by Roberts to stave off the ongoing diving charade. But I don't think it will work either. Perhaps if the refs just diligently issued yellow cards to all those limber-jointed players suffering from vertigo, like they're supposed to, the leagues would eventually see some results.

    Nice site, btw. Unfortunately, I don't follow Scottish football due to it not being televised much over here--at least not on any channels readily available--but I'll definitely be reading your blog.