Wednesday, November 22, 2006

All White on the Night

Wanted. Male or Female. Capable of asking John Collins intelligent questions and being reasonably polite to Gerry McNee. Must be able to follow a game of football despite the mindless interjections of Archie McPherson.

Is the media world in Scotland not large enough to fill that job description? Surely someone is out there?

The reason I ask is that yet again Telegraph journalist Jim White hosted STV’s Champion’s League coverage last night.

This isn’t a racist quibble, I prefer him to Jim Delahunt who still looks at the autocue as if it’s his enemy. I just think that if we have to put up with Archie’s inane ramblings then we really should go the whole way and have a Scottish presenter.

Not an Englishman who has made a reasonable living in the past by trading on his status as a professional Manchester United fan.

It would also have been wise to have someone on hand to work out that Celtic had actually qualified for the last 16. A fact that nobody (Jim, John, Gerry, Archie or Andy Walker)picked up on.

Could STV not take a risk and train up someone from another field? Or even use Scotsport’s Grant Stott?

Or could it be that the ever amateurish STV actually believed they were rehiring the other Jim White, formerly of Scotsport and the Brian Laudrup Fan Club? Just a thought.

Jim White's Manchester United Book

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  1. I am writing a piece on Gerry McNee at the moment.
    Do you remember any of the details of the time he missed a goal while commentating on an Old Firm game?
    Any help would be appreciated.